Request for Use of Foundation Graphic Assets

by Non-Electronic or Print Publication Media Entities

Part 1: Overview, Restrictions and Instructions

Completion and submission of this form followed by review and approval by an authorized reviewer at The Ingersoll Foundation is required before the requester or any member of the requester’s organization may use, in any way whatsoever, any of the graphic assets presented on the Media Assets page of the Foundation website. The Foundation will only consider requests for use of assets made available on the Media Assets page and not for use of any graphic asset(s) appearing on any other page of the website or in any other publication or medium it produces. The Foundation reserves the right to revoke permission to use any assets whose use it has approved based on submission of this Request for Use of Foundation Graphic Assets by Non-Electronic or Print Publication Media Entities form.

Completion of all fields is mandatory unless the field is clearly designated as “optional.” The requester’s entry of his or her full name in the “Digital Signature” field at the bottom of the form represents acknowledgment and agreement that the entry constitutes a digital signature that is legally binding on the requester and the requester’s organization, and that it has the same validity and effect as a handwritten signature.

A Foundation representative will reply with a reference number assigned to the request and will notify the requester of the disposition of the request following its consideration and the decision of the merits of the request. Approval or rejection of the request shall be at the sole discretion of the Foundation and on any grounds it considers to be in its best interests. 

Part 2: Requester’s Identity, Contact Information and Affiliation


Asset ID

Detailed Description of Intended Use











Part 3: Specific Asset(s) Requested and Designation of Use

Following each graphic asset on the Foundation website’s Media Assets page at there is a description block providing its Asset ID (between the “Asset ID=” prefix and a terminating colon. For each asset for which you wish to request permission to use, enter its Asset ID in the “Asset ID” column below and provide a specific and detailed description of the asset’s designated use in the field to the right of the Asset ID. Any approval for a given use is only for that use and for no other. If you are requesting permission for more than one use for a given asset, enter its Asset ID again in a separate row in the table below and describe the additional use in the field to its right. Do not enter more than one description of a dedicated use in the same row of the table.

Part 4: Requester’s Digital Signature and Foundation Decision

Enter your full legal name as your digital signature below followed by the date of submission. Doing so acknowledges your agreement that entry of your full legal name below is a digital signature that is legally binding and has the same validity and effect as a handwritten signature. 

I certify that the information I have provided above is truthful, accurate and correct, and I certify that any assets to which I am granted permission to us will only be used for the purpose(s) for which they were requested. 

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