Information Privacy, Confidentiality and Security Policy

This Information Privacy, Confidentiality and Security Policy ("The Policy") will help you understand how The Ingersoll Foundation for the Study of Cultural Influences on Brain Function ("The Foundation," "us," "we" or "our") uses and protects the information you provide us, or that your Internet browser sends us when you visit and use this website ("The Site").

We reserve the right to change The Policy at any time. To ensure that you are aware of any updates to The Policy, visit and review the content on this page frequently.

Information We Collect from and About Visitors to The Site

When you visit The Site, we may collect information you provide or that your activity on The Site generates including:

  • Your IP (Internet protocol) address (a unique numeric address that identifies the device you are using to access the Internet or a local network and allows your device to be recognized by and communicate with other devices systems on the Internet),

  • Your contact information including your email address and telephone number, if provided,

  • Information such as your interests and preferences you may have provided and

  • Information that reflects your patterns of activity on The Site (your "activity profile" data).

Why We Collect Information About You

We collect information from and about you to, for example,

  • better understand your needs and interests,

  • help us improve the quality and nature of information we present on The Site,

  • allow us to send you information via email that we consider important or that we believe you will find interesting (unless you have opted out of such email communication),

  • contact you to request that you complete surveys and/or to request other information from you to us better understand the composition and interests of visitors to The Site and

  • personalize the content of The Site based on your activity there and information preferences you may express in various ways.

How We Protect the Safety and Confidentiality of Your Information

The Foundation is committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of your information and has taken all precautions under its control to prevent theft of, unauthorized access to and disclosure of your information using the most effective technologies available to us to do so.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of information sent by a website and stored by website user's browser on the user's computer while the user is accessing the website to record, and sent to the website, some or all of the user's activity on that website and for other purposes, such as to allow the website to remember the user's login ID as a convenience for the user if the user tells the website to do so.

When you agree to allow The Site to use cookies, you also agree to our use of the information it collects as as result, such your activities on the site. including analysis of patters of use, the amount of time you spend visiting specific pages on The Site, and the the sites you visited before entering and after leaving The Site.

We use the information we collect using cookies to customize The Site, both to your needs and interests and to those of all visitors to the site in aggregate. We completely remove all information collected through our use of cookies from our systems upon completion of analysis.

Note that cookies do not allow us to control your computer in any way. We use them to determine which pages you find useful and which you do not to provide more effective experience for you and other visitors to The Site.

The ability of your computer (or other devices you may use to access websites) to send cookie information to a website that requests it is controlled by your Web browser, and you can use disable or enable your browser's use of cookies through your browse's settings.

Links to Other Websites

The Site contains links to other websites. If you click on any of these links The Foundation is not and cannot be responsible for the protection of your information after leaving The Site. The Policy does not apply to and The Foundation is not and cannot be responsibly for any aspect of your visit to such websites or to any website other than The Site. The Foundation strongly recommends that you read and understand the the privacy policy of any other website you visit, whether that website is one you visit as a result of clicking a link on the Site or you arrive at that website by any other means.