Media Assets

We have provided Foundation logo graphics below for media used only, with the following exception:


Any other use is prohibited unless permission to use is requested in writing including a description, indication of the specific asset(s) requested, their specific proposed use and the identity and affiliation of the requester. A response in writing from Foundation stating that it has approved the requested use(s) subject to the requester's completion and digitally signing and submission of the Request for Use of Foundation Graphic Assets by Non-Electronic or Print Publication Media Entities form is required before non-media entities may use the requested assets.

Full Name Wide Horizontal Logos

ASSET ID=WF904X120: Logo with Full Name and Brain Symbol | Width: 904PX; Height: 120PX

ASSET ID=WFURL800X164: Logo with Full Name, Brain Symbol and Website URL | Width: 800PX; Height: 140PX

ASSET ID=WF900X225: Wide Logo with Full Name, Brain Symbol | Width: 900PX; Height: 295PX

Full Name Lower Aspect Ratio Horizontal Logos

ASSET ID=MF1113X7873: Logo with Full Name and Brain Symbol | Width: 1113PX; Height: 773PX


Logo with Full Name and Brain Symbol

Width: 334PX; Height: 173PX

Simplified Logos with Partial Foundation Name

ASSET ID=LP684X472: Large Logo with Partial Name Only | Width: 684; Height: 472PX

Small Logo with Partial

Name Only

Width: 160PX;

Height: 110PX

Small Square Logo with Partial Name Only

Width: 120PX;

Height: 120PX

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