Foundation Leadership

Daniel Hansen

Founder and CEO

Dan Hansen launched The Ingersoll Foundation based on deep concerns about the potential neurological, mental health and ethical consequences of long-term and frequently and robustly reinforced presentation to young children of claims of fact base that lack any objective evidence of their veracity. 

In addition to providing the Foundation with general oversight and leadership, Dan directs the activities necessary for the establishment of The Foundation including addressing its strategy, organization, mission, communication and message, establishment as a tax-exempt charitable corporation and any other matters that arise in the course of its development.

His concerns include the ethics of the repeated presentation of such claims by influential adult authority figures, to vulnerable children, before may of them have developed the skills and self-assurance to question such claims and the potential for acceptance of such claims to result in the suppression of some aspects of critical thinking in other matters, the persistence of these childhood teachings into adulthood and the possibility that negative neurological effects may result from acceptance of these claims. He is particularly interested in research that could reveal whether or not there are differences in brain activity between in individuals who were exposed to such claims in childhood versus those who were not.

Dan holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in Russian Language and Zoology, including studies in cellular and developmental biology, neurophysiology and endocrinology. He currently resides in Palatine, Illinois. 

Daniel Ramalho

Co-Founder and Director, Strategy and Alliance Development

Daniel Ramalho was born in Lisbon, Portugal, 289 years to the day after Voltaire and maintains a lifelong opposition to superstitious thinking and combined with and ardent passion for reason. He holds a Bachelor's degree as well as a Master's in Contemporary Philosophy with a focus on Philosophy of Mind and Language from the NOVA University of Lisbon Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and was an academic researcher in the field of contemporary philosophy of mind for several years before deciding to devote himself entirely to Education. He has been studying religion both theoretically and from within for the past decade and a half. 

Colin O'Neill

Co-Founder, Director and
Neuroscience Consultant

As the other members of the Foundation team will confirm, has provided a wealth of perspectives that might not otherwise come to light. Colin O'Neill’s experiences with various religious and secular communities motivate his intellectual inquiry into the benefits and limitations of religion on cognitive development.

Colin travels the world while reading and writing about neuroscience, philosophy, real estate and mental health. He is passionate about objective, unbiased exploration of religious epidemiology and sociology from a neuroscience perspective in. Colin holds a B. Sci. in Cognitive Neuroscience with an emphasis on molecular biology from Colorado State University

Daniel works in close collaboration with Dan Hansen to develop and implement Ingersoll Foundation strategy and is also responsible for developing relationships with third parties who may be likely to assist The Foundation through outreach, advisory assistance or financial support. 

In addition to serving as a Director of the Ingersoll Foundation, Daniel is currently Pedagogical Director at Sapienti Unum Lda in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal and previously served as the Deputy Principal and Head of the English as a Foreign Language program at Greene's Tutorial College in Lisbon and as an academic researcher at Lisbon's NOVA Institute of Philosophy.

He is also the author of several books and is known as an ardent advocate of and eloquent speaker on the subject of reason and rational thought. He currently resides in Lisbon, Portugal.