Join the team

If you have an interest in our work and possess skills and/or experience in any of the functional areas of a scientific grant-making foundation, we would love to hear from you. If you share any of our concerns or even find the questions we are asking of interest and are able to devote some of your time to assisting in our work, please get in touch. The only requirements for joining out team are that you possess an interest in our work, have a sound background in a relevant discipline, are familiar with the research proposal life cycle and have an unwavering commitment the scientific method and intellectual honesty.

We are in particular need of professionals with experience in the following functional areas:

  • General Advisory (Formal or Informal)

  • Foundation Governance

  • Development of General Operating Procedures

  • Development of Proposal Submission Procedures

  • Development of Proposal Evaluation Procedures

  • Preliminary Letter of Intent Evaluation and Recommendation for Submission of Proposal Submission

  • Proposal Submission Process Management

  • Management of Submitted Proposal Evaluation and Recommendation for Funding

  • Proposal Funding Award Administration

  • Funded Study Monitoring and Reporting Evaluation

  • Funded Study Management

  • Completed Study Results and Publication Review

If you are have any questions about working with us, please get in touch using the form on our Contact Us page, and someone from the Foundation will contact you promptly.

If you are ready to explore working with our team more intensively, please download, complete and submit the Prospective Team Member Questionnaire by clicking the graphic link below.


We look forward to hearing from  you!