Call for Advisors

The Ingersoll Foundation was launched by a small team of individuals with a profound concern and interest in the issues articulated on this website, a sound but non-professional interest and understanding of science and the scientific method and a deep commitment to reason. The team does not, however, possess the professional expertise or credentials needed to advance the Foundation far beyond its formative stages. For that to happen, it will require the advice and assistance of others who share its concerns and interests and who are willing to invest some level of effort advising the Foundation on matters it must address to move forward. The Foundation is actively seeking professionals in relevant disciplines to act as advisors, on either a formal or informal basis, to do just that.

We are primarily seeking advisors in the fields listed below, although science professionals with credentials in other areas are also encouraged to contact us if they possess expertise in any of the activities grant funding organizations must perform or best practices for performing those activities.

  • Child Development

  • Education (primary and secondary)

  • Ethics (related to cultural practices)

  • Neurology

  • Neuroscience

  • Psychiatry

  • Psychology (either clinical or academic, particularly related to social, pediatric, religious or educational issues)

Activities related to management, governance, and operation of grant funding organizations where we seek guidance include:

  • Development of standards for proposal development and submission

  • Development of standards and procedures for management and evaluation of proposals received

  • Development of standards and procedures for communication with investigators submitting proposals

  • Development of standards and procedures for awarding approved proposals

  • Development of standards and procedures for monitoring research in progress

  • Development of standards and procedures for final reporting by investigators

  • Development and communication of research questions of interest to the foundation

  • Development of procedures for reporting to foundation management information about proposals received, research in progress, completed research and other research-related operational issues

  • Governance of the proposal evaluation and grant awarding process

We consider the questions we are asking and the concerns we are raising to be not only interesting, but also to be of profound social and cultural significance. They are things that we believe have gone unaddressed far to long, in part because they are likely to be perceived as challenges to broadly-held cultural beliefs often politically regarded as off-limits to inquiry of any kind that does not uphold them. It is possible that investigators may have avoided them in the past out of fear of loss of funding or stature, or of other consequences.

But commitment to truth and reason demands the courage to push back the veil of the forbidden, to display the same fortitude as did Socrates and Galileo. We hope you will choose to join us in this great adventure of exploring the potential effects millenia of exposure of the wonderful, vulnerable minds of children to claims of fact unsupported by verifiable evidence may have had, not only on them, but also on human culture as those children moved into adulthood.